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November 3, 2015

How to be a successful motivational speaker

Being a motivational speaker is not easy. You have to be a good public speaker, and public speaking is not the forte of very many people. You will constantly be asked to be the keynote speaker at seminars, conventions, and other events, which can contain up to thousands of attendants. The basic skeleton of your presentation will continually have to be customized in order to meet the needs of the specific audience. On top of all that, you have to have an edge over other speakers.

Motivational SpeakerWhat makes your story any different from the rest? What ideas do you have on motivation, performance and behavior that will have corporations pining for you to be a keynote speaker at their next conference? In order to be successful as a motivator, visit also here are a few steps that aspiring speakers should follow.

1. Select the topic that you want to discuss with the public

Typically, a motivational speaker is hired by a company so that he can talk about strategies for company growth, but success can be seen in a variety of aspects in life, like in relationships, finances, and personal development. Choose the topic you feel that you have the most insight in.

2. Make sure your key points and overall message is relevant to present circumstances

You have to make sure you are up to date with whatever trends that are happening in your new area of expertise. Your understanding of the subject has to be applicable to the present. This will require additional research as well as staying up-to-date with your field.

3. Identify your audience

Who is your speech for? You will come across different kinds of audiences, so learn how to be flexible with your methods of communication and delivery of your message.

4. Improve your public speaking skills

No matter how good you were on your college debate team or the number of speeches you have delivered throughout your career, it’s recommended to take public speaking classes. Just as it was mentioned before, every audience is different and you will have to learn how to adjust without panicking. You will have to speak in front of large groups and sometimes you will be expected to speak in a more intimate setting. Another way to improve your skills is by recording yourself so you can have a look firsthand what exactly it is you need to change. Writing is also a helpful activity, and a written guide or pamphlet serves a guide for audience members during your presentation. Share your written works on a blog or website.

5. Think about your presentation

Having a presentation in the background can really boost your speech, but remember to choose tools and devices that you are familiar with to avoid any technical errors, especially while delivering your speech as a keynote speaker.

6. Make yourself known. Promote yourself

As you are starting off, you will have to find an appropriate venue for your presentations. When you’re invited as a keynote speaker at an event, this trouble is off your hands, but for now, find a conference room or an auditorium, depending on the size of your audience. Then market yourself with posters, ads, brochures, cheap tickets, or even free tickets as a starting point. You should also sign up on bureaus for speakers and potentially find conventions and seminars that you can offer your presentations to.

7. Lastly, ask for feedback from your audience

Take in the feedback from your audience, adjust your presentations if you have to, and post positive testimonials on your brochures as well as your blog or website.

Keep following these steps throughout your career and you should be golden

October 12, 2015

Custom Military Coins and their Value to the Men and Women of the Armed Forces

Custom military coins are coins or medallions that display the symbol and other identifying marks of a military branch or unit. They are specially minted for distribution among the select few who have been appointed to serve together for a common goal.

The traditional shape of the military coin is round. One of the oldest military challenge coins on record was the coin batch ordered for engraving by Col. William “Buffalo Bill” Quinn from the 17th Infantry Regiment. The military coins were minted for distribution to his men during the Korean War. A hole was drilled on each coin for ease in wearing the custom coin around their neck.

custommilitarycoinsMore modern coins showcase unconventional shapes such as shields, crosses, stars, wings, skulls,cross bones, and crests. When imagination is the only limit in crafting the military coin to represent a unit or an organization, you can be sure to find creativity at its finest.

The Air Force, Army, Marine, Navy, Coast Guard and their units have their own emblems that are commonly reflected on custom military coins specially minted for the men and women who make up each military branch. Military coins are a great way to commemorate the time and hard work spent with a unit or organization. The unit members who collect and keep them as mementos will always treasure the distinctive camaraderie that is only seen within the military circle.

That extraordinary bond is evident in coin challenge games or coin checks where all unit members are compelled to bring and present their military challenge coins wherever and whenever demanded by a comrade or a unit officer. There is usually no bar to the time and place of challenge, and it may be posed virtually anywhere. The familiar sound of a coin can send waves of panic to the unprepared. There is no escape from the consequence of forgetting or neglecting to carry a military challenge coin.

While military coins are more commonly used in challenge games, custom military coins are highly suitable for celebrating rites of passage that not everyone gets the opportunity to achieve. Military coins are more valued than paper commendations because they are durable and not anyone can print or make them. Their recipient knows that each custom military coin went through the long process of designing, crafting, proofing, and finalizing before they can be issued to deserving members. Unit commanders and officers know the latent value of presenting those special coins only to excellent achievers.

A hard-earned, custommilitary coin is most coveted and treasured. For this reason, many officers and unit leaders limit the distribution of specially crafted coins to a select few or elite members who must meet preset criteria for receiving the coins. Military coins may be presented to celebrate an anniversary, a task excellently accomplished, or for qualifying as a member of a certain group.

A task force consists of a number of military, government or law enforcement agencies that work together to meet a common goal. These highly trained individuals fight organized crime, illegal drugs, and gang violence. An excellent means of commemorating their efforts is through customized coins.

Custom military coins are perfect for promoting cohesion and team spirit within task forces created to handle sensitive missions. They are great for building the morale of the members of the force who know that they are being recognized and honored for the special assignment. Seeing their name, badge number, and rank engraved on the custom coin creates a great sense of pride and loyalty.

With one excellent act or deed, a military challenge coin may just be a handshake away.

September 16, 2015

How to Maintain Your Misting Fan

When summer is fast approaching, we often overlook the need to prepare our trusty misting fans. Yes, our misters must be ready even before we start thinking heading outdoors for summertime fun.There is nothing more annoying than organizing a barbecue party at your backyard and having a mister that will suddenly stops working mid-way. Here are some ways to prepare and maintain your misting fan to ensure its optimal working condition.

MistingFanFirst, you have to check the fan’s oil level at the pump. Add some oil if needed. You may also consider removing the old oil and change it with fresh oil. This can keep the fan running smoothly for longer periods of time. The majority of the commercially available misting pumps require changing after about 500 hours of usage. Nonetheless, you may always refer to the user’s manual to determine the exact changing interval and oil type.

Second, you also need to check the water filters. Make sure that these are clean. If not, clean the filters thoroughly. Check if there are any missing or broken pieces and then, repair or replace the parts accordingly. Also, you need to secure any loose screws. Check other fittings and connect them properly if needs be.

Third, check the nozzles of the misting fan. If you have to prepare the entire line system for flushing, remove the nozzles connecting to the misting system. However, if you don’t know how to do this, ask the help of an expert. Do not attempt to remove them by yourself otherwise this will lead to an irreparable damage. Turn the pump on to start flushing out the remaining water. Leave it for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Turn it off and connect the lines and nozzles.

Fourth, after connecting the lines turn on the pump again to start flushing the entire misting system. Let the remaining water in the system flows out of the nozzles. When you notice that water is only flushing out from specific nozzles, check the nozzles again. There could be some blockage. Let all the nozzles flush for 30 seconds or more if needed. Turn the pump off. Connect the mist nozzles on the nozzle fittings where water is running smoothly. Repeat the entire process for proper flushing.

Fifth, if there are blockages on the nozzles, clean them so that they will work properly. However, you might need to replace them if most of the nozzles are working improperly. There are many replacement misting fan parts offline and online. Go to the nearest hardware if you need the replacement parts immediately.

Sixth, let the pump run and then check if there are leaks. Once you’ve discovered a leak, turn the pump off and reset or tighten the connection. Turn the pump on once more and check if water is still leaking or not. If it is, replace the part.

Seventh, you need to hose off the misting fan. Clean misting fans especially clean fan blades work more optimally than dirty blades. You simply need to wipe the mist fan with dry towel if it is not outdoor-rated (misting fans without enclosed motors). The fan motors might get wet and a short circuit might start. Before operating the fan again, make sure that all the parts have dried up completely.

All of us have the tendency to ‘winterize’ our misting fans. The changing season is a good reminder that we have to make our misters ready for summer. This is particularly true if you want a trouble-free cooling during hot summer days. Anyhow, it is our responsibility to maintain our appliances, and our misters are not an exemption.